Time is flying by

Psalm 90:12 (NIV)
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

For someone who  had the flu all week, I can’t say my last few days were spent well. Without the excuse of sickness, it’s been the healthy days, months, and years that this verse constantly challenges and convicts me. Here are a couple of thoughts I have been thinking through lately. 

– start with the end in mind
– life is so brief, don’t waste it 
– approach each day with humility
– walk closely with Jesus
– no time for myself, engage and love others
– don’t wait for others, lead!
– journal, journal, journal
– there is nothing like the present (= gift)
– pray diligently for guidance and wisdom
– precious are the days the Lord gives us
– remember those talents in Matthew 25?
– my long term investments: God and my family

My dad turned 65 this weekend and the whole family got together to celebrate his life. One of the highlights was my dad getting to record on his phone the singing of happy birthday by 5 of his young  grandchildren on a log in the woods.  What a memory!  I recall my dad saying he can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I could tell he was a little saddened to think about all those years of life that have gone by. Yet, they have been good days.  My father will travel to Hickory this weekend for his annual retreat with 12 guys he mentored some 30 years ago as the Navigator director for Clemson University. It will be a weekend of sharing, praying and encouraging one another. Days invested well many many years ago that are still bearing fruit today.
Thank you dad for being a great father, leader, and wise user of the time God has given you.  I’m proud of you! Keep investing well. 


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