Application & Theology

It was once said of Jonathan Edwards, “His doctrine is all application, and his application is all doctrine.”

How often do you see the two separated?  As Christians the study of Scripture and its true meaning drive us to proper change/application.  Don’t let your application be driven by a snazzy poem as a friend stated this morning without it being placing through the filter of Scripture first.

Edwards also said, “the trade of a Christian is theology, and it is important for every Christian to know his business.”

Do you know your business?


One Response to Application & Theology

  1. Dick Spatola says:

    Howard Hendricks used to say: “Information without application is abortion”! How often do we abort the truth by not applying it? At the end of the day, maturity is measured not by how much information I have or know , but by how conformed I am to Christ’s image (Romans 8:29). James says if anyone be a hearer and not a doer, he deceives himself. I’m afraid that too many of us (myself included) are too often deceived. We need to be more intentional about application!
    Yes, sanctification is a work of the Spirit, but the Spirit gives us the power to change and make wise choices. We need to see more changes in us all for His glory and for the good of others.

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